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The Smoothest Creamiest…Vodka?

Under normal, boring circumstances vodka and dairy share no common ground.  

But, friends, these are exceptional times.

Meet Black Cow’s – Pure Milk Vodka™…

At Claytons we’re excited to be stocking it  – and want to tell…

Black Cow’s Very Unique Selling Point

Black Cow is a company on the West Dorset coast, far from any madding crowds. They produce the World’s only Pure Milk Vodka™ – so unique, they’ve trademarked it.

As you’ve probably deduced, it’s vodka created exclusively from the milk of grass fed cows. The same luxurious milk used for Barber’s 1833 cheddar as it happens.  

How exactly does one achieve milk to vodka? You’re definitely thinking that.

The Milk to Vodka Process

Fresh milk is separated into curds and whey, step one complete.

The curds go on to lead a solid life, as cheese. The whey? This is fermented into beer using distinct yeast – which is able to turn milk sugar into alcohol.

Now for some mystery –

The milk beer is distilled and enthused with secrets – a ‘lips sealed’ blending process. From this, vodka appears.

For pristine clarity the vodka is triple filtered and finally hand bottled.

Who Says Dairy Farmers Can’t Produce Vodka?

You’re either intrigued, or have decided no good can come of this milk to alcohol silliness.

Black Cow’s Jason Barber and his business partner Archie toiled for three years to perfect a recipe, and after the first bottle sold in 2012 have seen a few raised eyebrows. But, the vodka wins its own battles…

Recently Barber spoke to The Guardian –

“…When you tell people our vodka’s made from milk, they look at you like you’re taking the mick. But once they see that it’s crystal clear, they taste it and ask: how do you do it?”

Inspired by ‘Kumis’ a Mongolian mare’s milk vodka, Pure Milk Vodka™ has global significance, but at heart is a wonderful, and thrifty example of what local produce is all about.

Barber, a dairy farmer by trade, looks at dairying differently in light of his vodka’s success, speaking again to the Guardian –

You could say we’re putting a byproduct of cheese making to really good use. But we like to say that cheese is a byproduct of our vodka.”

Cocktails, Soups & Salads

That’s right.

Pure Milk Vodka™ is tasty in the most surprising dishes.  

However, it being vodka – it shouts cocktails. At Claytons it’s a house favourite, hailed by our mixologists for its smooth and creamy character.

Some vodka muscles in on the flavour of other ingredients – not this one.

Those with an inquisitive palette, and appreciators of extraordinary tipple need to pop by Claytons and give it a try.

Oh, don’t pretend. You know you’re wondering…