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What do you get when you collect 11 different botanicals, expertly blend them together whilst looking out over the picturesque River Lyn? Well according to those involved “The Spirit of Exmoor”!

Wicked Wolf Gin is headed up by a husband and wife Team, Pat Patel and Julie Heap and has been established since September 2015 with its reach not just expanding to the four corners of Devon but well into the great beyond!

This fine spirit can proudly place itself amongst the county’s best-selling gin brands and one of its finest exports we have listed in our digital menu board screen size.

As you can imagine demand is high and time precious for the duo, so we were thrilled when we managed to catch Julie for a quick chat the other day and put to her a few questions of our own. Take a look:

1. What initially inspired you to embark on your gin adventure?

“We drink gin and we love it, we also wanted to work on something together. It’s not easy making a living on the moor, so we had to do something different.”

2. What do you think defines your gin, including everything from flavour to experience?

“The flavour is the big definer. We distill each of our 11 botanicals separately then blend them, with the aim of this being to get maximum flavour and smoothness. The brand is also a definer – we wanted a name that made people smile, alongside a logo that looks great!”

3. What overall ambitions do you have with Wicked Wolf?

“We are currently building an extension which will increase our production capacity – which we will then cap. We want to keep the gin artisan and small batch.”

4. What is your go-to cocktail that incorporates Wicked Wolf gin?

“A simple gin and tonic – mind you a good old fashioned negroni works well too.”

5. Finally non-gin related – where is your favourite spot in North Devon?

“The top of the moor – above where we live – the views are spectacular and it’s so wonderfully secluded!”

All this talk is sure to make you keen for a taste – which is why you’ll be pleased to know that Claytons is one of the stockists on their ever growing list.

Whether you fancy a pared back G&T or something more outlandish, our mixologists are on hand to concoct you a whole manner of drinks to compliment this most delectable spirit!

Make sure to pop in when you can, with our #FizzyThursdays having become a popular drinking occasion.

We look forward to seeing you!