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Good evening all,

We just wanted to take a second to make sure you’re all aware of the steps that Claytons and The Glasshouse as taking to handle the current COVID-19 situation. Our fundamental objective is to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff, while also supporting North Devon’s wider balanced efforts to handle the current situation, from a Public Health, social, and economic perspective.

First and foremost, all our staff have been fully briefed on the signs and symptoms of potential infection and will be required to stay at home should they develop these. As a business, we will do everything we can to support our staff should this occur. Second, we have reviewed all (our already rigorous) cleaning procedures and frequencies in line with guidance from Public Health England to ensure that we are doing whatever is possible to halt the spread of germs. Finally, we ask that all our customers follow national guidance in relation to self-isolation if they are feeling unwell and please do not visit the premises until they are both recovered and have met the guidelines on isolation.

However, we are also keen to do everything we can to continue support local trade and business within North Devon during this difficult time, as it is essential that the local social and business community continues to operate as best it can during in what could be a relatively extended period of time. As such, we are balancing our careful planning around public health with continuing to offer the same standard of food, drinks, and service with which Claytons and The Glasshouse and the wider leisure trade in North Devon is synonymous.

The national and regional mood is understandably downbeat at present but to come through this period we are all still going to need, where appropriate and wile supported by the national strategy, a drink with your friends and a meal with the family, likely more than ever. As such, Claytons and The Glasshouse, and the rest of Barnstaple’s independent bars and restaurants will be open for business as usual, and we hope to see you there!

Gee and The Claytons and The Glasshouse team